Oh dear...

Aug. 31st, 2012 05:31 pm
Last night, a friend bought me Minecraft. I fully expect that I might never see direct sunlight again.

Well, not really, because I went out today and bought some stuff (purple hair dye, a sarong, some Ribena) and had a delicious meal (smoke salmon sushi from Boaz is incredible, by the way). But really, Minecraft is very addictive. So far I've died only once (a zombie killed me), but I've built a very simple house, learned how to make torches, and had to kill a pig and eat it raw in order to avoid starving.

That's just in my single-player game, though. In the multiplayer game going on D's server (D's the guy who bought the game for me), he outfitted me with the best tools, gave me a house he'd already made, and we played around with Firebending (because shooting fireballs at friends is a solid way to spend an evening). But it occurred to me this morning that I'd like to learn how the game actually works, and starting right at the beginning with no special perks afforded by friends is a good way to do that. So I'm learning the basics, and will be prepared for when I hang out on D's server again.

So now I'm going to drink some sparkling Pink Lady apple juice, eat some blackberry candy, and play more Minecraft. Maybe I'll start digging under a mountain and get enough stone to replace my wooden walls with something sturdier.

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