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I'm been in such a writing mood lately. No idea why. I guess it's just one of those things that strikes every now and again.

Problem with me and my writing moods is that I'll write, and I'll hit on some good ideas, and I'll write until the flame dies and then I'm left with a half-finished idea that ends up being hard to go back to because I can't rekindle that same flame. I break all the writerly advice and have a large folder on my hard drive filled with half-finished stories and novels.

And I'm more than a little afraid of that flame burning out again too soon for me to get something finished this time, too.

That won't stop me. A half-finished story is better than no story at all. And the fact that I want to write now is more of a good thing than I'm making it sound. After NaNo 2012, I pretty much didn't write again until NaNo 2013, because my health was such shit that I could barely stay awake during the day, let alone put creative energy into writing. I had to put all that energy into getting a spoon into my mouth so I could eat. Fiction took a back seat to just making it through the day. It wasn't until I stopped having blood thinner than water that I felt like I could tackle writing again.

And even if it's been a couple of months since I last did any serious writing, at least it hasn't been a year. Which means that even if I'm still struggling with some health issues, they're not as bad as they were a year ago, and well I know it.

I'll probably spend some of today doing a bit of writing at work, in between calls. There, I at least get out a decent wordcount even if the quality isn't always high, because what else am I supposed to do between calls? May as well do something productive, and then on my days off I can do anything else and not feel like I have to panic and write all the stuff I wanted to write during the week.

I've had this idea floating around for an inversion of typical dystopian stories. You've always got the oppressive and divisive society, and the protag is always dissatisfied with how things are, and they meet other people who feel the same way, and then together they bring down the regime. But most people are content to let themselves go with the flow, or feel secure in the oppression that's been built around them, so I wanted to tell things from that standpoint, from the viewpoint of someone who turns their rebellious friend in to the authorities in order to keep society stable.

Not the most exciting story, and it doesn't have the "root for the underdog" element that people love, but I thought it could be fun to write.

So I will.
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