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I've missed this. Being awake in the early hours of the morning, playing video games. And not because of insomnia and a desperate attempt to wear myself down so that I can actually sleep, either. No, I'm still supposed to be awake at night, so that much is good. And the horrendous bout of insomnia that came along with a heat wave and resulted in me spending about 3 weeks rarely getting more than 4 hours of sleep a night has passed, thankfully. Touch wood.

But I've always found I'm more creative at night than during the day. And what I do at night makes me feel more productive, like I'm actually living and working for myself instead of just getting by.

Either way, at the moment I'm on a big video game kick. I happily pre-ordered the PC rerelease of FFV, so before that comes out, I'm doing a playthrough of FFVII, because it's been such a long time since I last played it. I doubt I'll reach the end by the time FFV comes out, since I'm a completionist and there are Steam Achievements to unlock and I won't rest until I've unlocked them, but I'm still having fun. I'm currently wandering around Costa del Sol, level-grinding and getting enough money to get everyone the best armour and Materia. Which I would normally be able to afford without grinding, but eh, I can't pass by Fort Condor without giving them just about everything I have, even if I won't be doing anything with that quest until much later. So I'm always broke pretty much as soon as I get to Junon.

I don't know why I do it. I'll always have much more money when that area is actually relevant to the plot, after all. I just feel bad passing by and not giving them money. I'm a soft touch, I guess.

Not sure if I want to keep playing now, or take a break and do something else. Still not entirely over the long-term effects on the insomnia, like lasting fatigue and having a cold that won't go away, so I'm actually pretty tired right now, and I may need to go do something a little more physically active to help me stay awake until I normally go to sleep. I'm trying to get away from napping at night at then having something like a very long nap during the day, because I really ought to have a normal-length sleep during the day and make better use of my alone time at night.


...That's actually not the best phrase to convince me that I don't need to go take a nap right now...

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