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It's also the first Friday in a long time where I've been able to celebrate it as being the end of my workweek, and not just another day somewhere in the middle. I'm actually off work for Saturday and Sunday, and will spend the next 6 weekends this this.

Kind of nice, actually.

I do have to miss at least one day of work next week, having dental surgery to remove my two bottom wisdom teeth that have been causing me problems. Not exactly looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to not having to take painkillers for it constantly, because my bottom right one has been giving my hell for months, sometimes to the point where I can't talk because it hurts too much to move my jaw and tongue. So I'll be glad to have that mess over with as of next Tuesday. Then I just have to heal from the surgery, and I'll be good to go.

...I say with some trepidation, because the last time I thought that was the surgery to remove the tumour from my uterus, and look at the alternate hell I've been living in since that happened. Not bleeding and dying by inches, but in near-constant pain and some days unable to move because of it, and getting nowhere when it comes to getting work to actually give me some sympathy and respect.

Hell, the HR lady at work recently admitted that she lost the form my doctor originally sent her that told her I have a condition in the first place. From my experience with this company, I've come to expect that any medical problems I have are going to be met with dismissive comments, discrimination and derision when I point it out, and general incomepetency. It's ridiculous, insulting, and tiring. But I soldier on, because unless I do so, they can fire me for all the time I've missed since the beginning of the year.

Even if I get the additional documentation they need from my doctor to try to adjust my schedule in a way I think might help (to which HR gave a lousy counterargument that showed they haven't been paying attention to what I say or my pattern of absenteeism), I still suspect they'll try to punish me for all the time I missed before that. I'll have a good counter to that myself if they do try, really, since HR dodged talking with me for over a month, during which I was still experiencing problems and missing time and not being able to meet with anyone to get the ball rolling on accommodations, but even having to use that defense will be too little too late, since using it will require me to be in a position where they're already punishing me. And I don't want to act like a bitch and say, "This could have been sorted out a long time ago had you not continually put off meeting with me, and I could have long ago improved my attendance by using the recommendations and accommodations we discussed." (Which I would have already cleared by my doctor, too, because I'd have long ago been told they needed that clearance!) It sounds confrontational to say that now, and well, given that at once point I was talked to about being disrespectful when I told the site manger that if the HR guy at the time needed any more info from me, he knew my phone number and email and could contact me. She delivered the message, he took it as disrespectful, and I got chastised.

Yeah, no hope in this company. I very much want to get out of there and into a new job. Even if I just have said job for a year, until R and I move to Charlottetown, that'll be fine.

Of course, getting a new job will put me in the same scheduling predicament that I'm in here, unless I get the surgery to remove my uterus straight away, and go to the new job after I've recovered. If that happens, I won't be in the same chronic pain and won't need to do all these stupid adjustments to my life that require things to work around me instead of me working around them, and good luck to me finding a company that will even hire me when I have additional requirements.


Okay, need to get out of the negative stuff. I should be happy that it's Friday, that it's payday (even if I didn't get much due to absenteeism this pay period), that I have the next 2 days off, that I don't have to take calls today, that I have black hair dye and can redo my hair this weekend, that I was gutsy enough to re-open my Etsy store, Riality Studios.
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