Cheques cleared my bank account today so I had a little bit of spending money! Not spare spending money, mind, but it meant I could buy cat food, which was the most important item on my list. I also picked up a load of bread (not great bread, but it'll do for now because it was less than $2), and a small bag of about 10 potatoes that are a little bit past their best but still good so long as I use them quickly (which was only $0.49). This all came to a little over $10, cleared out the remainder of my money, but now the cats have food and I get paid properly next Friday, so I have enough of everything except cat litter to last me.

And I can go out and get cat litter tomorrow or Friday. I'll have to use the credit card, which I don't like to do if there's another option, but, well, there's no other option. So credit it is.

I still have plenty of rice for myself, and pork chops in the freezer, and a giant pork loin that I got weeks ago when it was on sale. And a small salmon steak, which I want to fry, shred, and then turn into the filling for some onigiri. Plus there are still cans of soup in the cupboard, so it's not like I'm lacking for good food. Just variety. And even then I think I've got enough to keep myself culinarily amused for another week and 2 days.

A quick check of the freezer also tells me that I have ground beef, so I could make myself some delicious hamburgers as a quick tasty meal, too. I'll go through bread more quickly that way, but hey, homemade hamburgers! Who can say no to them?

Finished Betsy Dornbusch's Exile yesterday, and I'm almost 1/4 of the way through Craig Cormick's The Shadow Master already. It's a quicker read than I thought, and I should be able to finish it tomorrow. I don't even think I'd need to push too hard to achieve that, either, which is nice because it'll mean I can start on Jeff Salyards's Veil of the Deserters that much sooner. I've been looking forward to it for a while, and Night Shade was good enough to send me a review copy, and I promised both him and myself that I'd start it as soon as I was finished with the 2 books I had scheduled as part of upcoming book tours (Kat Ross's Some Fine Day and Craig Cormick's The Shadow Master).

It's another cold night. The afternoon was fine, mostly clear skies with enough of a breeze to keep me comfortable as I walked back from work, but the area's under a frost warning for tonight and it's currently only a few degrees above 0. I still have a second blanket on the bed, and the heat's up to keep the worst of the chill away, not just for my sake but also for the cats. I'll be happy when this cold snap ends.

I'm also thankful that this cold snap didn't hit at this time last year. I was still only a couple of weeks post-surgery at this time last year, struggling to get mobility and stamina back, and I discovered that hot and cold made the incision hurt more, as well as incoming storms. It was bad enough the way it was, with decent weather until most of the healing had been done. I wince to think of going through it all with nightly chills like this.
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I'd love to be snuggled under a blanket right now, hiding from the chilly rainy weather that doesn't seem to want to go away this month, and the only thing stopping me is that my Kindle still needs to charge a bit more. I have 2 books to read by the end of the week, 1 of which I'm halfway through already (Betsy Dornbusch's Exile, also a reread) and 1 which I haven't started yet (Craig Cormick's The Shadow Master) but that I've promised a review by... Oh, for some reason I thought it was June 1, but it's actually June 4, so I have longer to read it than I thought. I'll be able to get it done by the 1st, though, really, since Exile won't take me too much longer (I'll probably be able to finish it by the end of tomorrow), and I don't have much planned for my days off work on Thursday and Friday except for some cleaning and cooking, and I highly doubt I'll be doing enough of either to take up 2 days of time. So I'll get to enjoy some relaxing time with new books then.

I expect I'll get a lot of reading done next week, too. I switched shifts around with a coworker, so instead of having a 4-day weekend, I work Saturday to Tuesday, have Wednesday off (for reading), work Thursday, then have Friday to Sunday off. Roommate's coming back for my birthday (which is June 7) and will arrive in the evening on Friday, so I'll have most of that day to read, and leaving early on Sunday, so I'll have most of that day too. And on Saturday we can go out for a delicious meal and possibly some book shopping and maybe taking a nice walk if the weather's good! Then I'll only work 3 more days before I'll have my usual Thursday and Friday 'weekend' off work again and can catch up on more reading.

I say 'catch up' because I have fallen behind somewhat, and review copies are piling up faster than I can read them. They already have, really, and always will, but it's getting particularly bad, so I want to has a massive reading fest or something so that I can whittle down the pile a little and get more reviews written.

It's an addiction, reading and reviewing all these books. It's hard to believe I've been doing it for almost 4 and a half years now. There have been times where I've thought that maybe I should stop, that I don't really want to keep up the responsibility of having to review when what I'd rather be doing is just more reading, but I keep going back to it, and I do enjoy talking about what I think about the things I read. And I like knowing that I'm doing a little bit to help publicity for good books, too.

I shaved my head last weekend. Not for the first time, but I liked it a lot before and it was getting long enough to be annoying, but too short to just tie back out of the way. So out came the clippers and away went the hair. I like it best this way, I think. It makes me look more boyish. Not manly, but boyish, and that's closer to what I actually want for myself, so I'll take it! Even if everyone else who looks at me sees only the outward signs of being female (boobs, me wearing a long skirt because it's comfortable and nobody can see my legs), I know I can look in the mirror and see a face that's a little more like how I think I ought to be. And that makes me happy.

I've been making more use of my camera, too, and getting more pictures while I'm out. I'm not bad, really, but I'm not that great either, and I think it wouldn't hurt me to read a couple of photography books so that I can get some tips on improving. For every picture I get that I like, there are about a dozen that are mediocre, and about 3 dozen that I just reject out of hand because they're not focused properly, a bad angle, looked great on the digital camera screen but aren't so great on the computer screen... I know that much of it is trial and error, and a bit of editing too, but I think my skill has hit a plateau and I need something new to get me improving again.

Aaand I just discovered that a cheque finally cleared my bank account, so I have enough money to get cat food and stamps without having to use credit! Possibly some cat litter, too, but I think I can make what I currently have stretch until I get my next paycheque if I'm careful, so I may not need to. But the other things are definitely needed; cats need to eat, and I have an important letter to send! So now I can depart the online world happy. My Kindle isn't fully charged yet, but I don't want to wait any longer, since time's running out and I don't have long before it'll be time to go to sleep so I can get some good rest for work tomorrow.
~ Didn't budget for things properly, and now I only just have enough money for rent but not to pay anything on credit cards or get groceries. Luckily there are still a lot of groceries in, but I wanted to do something special for Samhain, and now I might not be able to do what I wanted to do for that. Might just have to see if I can accomplish some kitchen magic and only use what I already have.
~ ~ Doing that wouldn't be so bad, since it would pretty much only involve me missing out on making a chicken pie. I have vegetables, I have a peameal-encrusted ham, I have the stuff for a decent dessert, even if it wouldn't be what I originally wanted to do. But I don't doubt that I could still make tasty things, even if I have to be a little more frugal.
~ ~ ~ Being low on money does suck because I currently have a cold and don't have any daytime cold meds, though, to help me get through the day. I'll live, obviously, but it won't be comfortable for a bit. :/

~ I ended up losing everything I'd accomplished in Pokemon X thanks to that Lumiose save glitch. :/ So I had to start over. I'm trying not to look at that in too negative a light, since I was struggling to build a decent team due to choosing Fennekin in the beginning, and I seemed to be having lousy encounter rates for some things (it took me over an hour of hunting to find a freaking Pikachu!), so a restart wasn't the end of the world. I think I'm doing much better this time around, even if it's slow going because I've only been able to play for an hour or two a day, at most.
~ ~ If anyone wants to know, my 3DS friend code is 4914-3830-2347. If you play Pokemon (or any games, really) and want to add me, feel free, and I'll do the same if you give me your code.

~ NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, and I actually have an idea this time, and I hope this year won't be like every other year, where I go full steam ahead for a while and then get stuck and start working on another idea instead. I get to my wordcount goal, but I end up with two unfinished stories instead of one, and it's frustrating. I'm not worried about making the wordcount goal, at least, since even if I just take 5 minutes between calls to write at work, I usually end up getting 3-4k words written over the course of a shift. I've written reviews and short stories that way before, nobody cares so long as I keep my stats decent, so I can't see why November would suddenly change that,

~ Still chugging along with reading, though I keep falling behind in my goals there. I read at work when I can (breaks and lunch), but I spent a couple of weeks playing Pokemon on my days off (before I lost the save file), so that meant about six hours a day for two days in which I didn't read, and that's a lot of reading time. I'm trying not to do that so much. Even if I don't get as much of the game played, I need to keep up with reading more than I need to play a game. With luck and good timing I should be able to finish Veronica Roth's Allegiant today, and then I can get back to Jaime Lee Moyer's Delia's Shadow. Probably be able to finish that by the end of this weekend, too.
~ ~ It'll get easier, too, if I just forgo leaving work right when I leave to walk uptown for an earlier bus home. A bus goes right by work half an hour after my shift ends, which means that if I just stay and wait for that bus, I save myself a 20 minute walk in the cold (then a 20 minute wait for the next bus that gets me home), and give myself half an hour in which I can read. Extends my daily reading time from 1 hour plus commute time to 1.5 hours plus commute time, which is a significant boost.

~ There's every chance I might end up moving to another province in about a year and a half. Rachel might end up getting a good job in Charlottetown, and while some people might see that as a step backwards (PEI isn't known for much besides potatoes and Anne of Green Gables), the university there will allow me to work for a degree that will get me one step closer to my own goals, and Rachel will still be able to work at a good job in a city we both know we like. It's only a possibility, but I've got my fingers crossed that it works out that way.

~ Weather's definitely getting a lot colder. I mean, I know that this is Canada. In October. But brr, does it have to be constantly dipping to the freezing mark? temperatures don't get very high even at noon now, the leaves aren't so much turned as fluttering off the trees with every puff of breeze, and I don't relish the really cold days when my lungs will seize up and refuse to let me breathe properly. :/ Well, just another reason to stay in after work and catch that later bus so I don't have to walk in that weather, right?
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Since my roommate went camping yesterday and won't be back until Thursday, I've designated these days full of alone time to be my own personal readathon. So far I'm almost finished with Mike Carey's The Steel Seraglio (highly underappreciated piece of speculative historical fiction, I might add), and will probably be able to finish the last half of Nnedi Okorafor's Who Fears Death (which I've been on-and-off reading for months now and really ought to finish up) before the end of the day.

Tomorrow, I'm probably going to end up tackling the second half of Michael Sullivan's Theft of Swords. I read the first half last year, and while it didn't wow me as much as some people had led me to believe it would, I hear the series gets so much better as it goes on and I'd like to give it a chance to improve.

The city's been stuck in the middle of a heat wave for the past few days now, and it's oppressively hot and all I want to do is lie still all day. Which works out well for reading, at least. But even though it cools down a bit at night, the breeze goes away too, so nighttime isn't much more bearable than daytime. I'm hoping for a bit of rain soon that might break the heat. I've never tolerated heat like this very well.

The cats seem to be doing well through it, due in part to hyper-vigilence after one of them got sick last year around this time. In addition to making sure they get plenty of fresh cool water to drink and wet food to keep their hydration decent, they also get a plates filled with ice cubes made from frozen low-sodium chicken broth. Most of them like it, and it serves the double use of cooling them down and getting more liquid into them. And for the ones who don't like that so much, well, I'm being creative with getting water into them, so it all works out in the end.

It's harder to remember to drink enough for myself, though, since I get so easily distracted by what I'm doing and don't remember to drink anything for hours. I'm trying to take a brief break every hour or so just to make sure I drink even half a glass of something, and maybe it's just my imagination, but I think doing that is helping me deal with the heat far better than I normally would.

You'd think I'd have learned tricks like this long before the age of 29, but, well, there you have it.
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It's not unusual for this time of year in this part of the world, but it seems like this month has been about 1/2 rain, 1/3 cloudy, and the rest of the time there's actually been sunshine. Which normally wouldn't bother me, since I'm typically a fan of rainy days because it's so much fun to sit by the window and read while there's rain coming down outside, but since the surgery every rainy day, extra-cloudy day, foggy day, and humid day hurts like a bugger, so I'm considerably less happy about it than normal.

Like today, when it's not only raining, but the ceiling in the dining room is leaking again. The landlord has had roofers out here at least twice since I moved in, but she doesn't like to spend money and so always hires discount workers, so the problem never actually gets fixed. And because she likes to spend money so little, I'm half afraid to tell her that the ceiling still leaks. Hell, when the heating stopped working this winter, she insisted that the problem was because I had furniture blocking some of the heaters (as though heat was a solid thing that can't move past, over, or around physical objects), and so any lack of heat I had was my own fault. Ignoring sections of the heater that had nothing in front of them and didn't work, of course. But I fear that if I tell her this, she'll find some reason to blame the problem on the tenants rather than the fact that she owns an older building that she doesn't pay for good repairs on.

So instead I just keep a supply of buckets on hand and hope that the leaks stop soon.

I'm really considering moving out of here when I can. I like this apartment. It's in a very convenient location, the view from the back deck is beautiful (especially at sunset), but between this winter's heating problems, the leaks, and the fact that the only time I can consistantly draw hot water for a bath or shower is when the heat is off in the rest of the apartment (ie, summertime), I really think it's time to start looking for a new place. It can't be soon, because I'm still in lousy health, and by the time I get healthy enough to pack and carry and move stuff, my roommate will be back at school and that will be a big inconvenience, and besides, we're low enough on money as it is... But maybe next summer. If we can survive another winter of lukewarm showers and inconsistent heat, we can save up enough to get out of here in about a year, and move to a place that might not leak so damn much and might keep us warm when we need it to.

In less annoying news, I've gotten back to reviewing with a review of Rachel Hartman's Seraphina. The contest to win a signed copy of M L Brennan's Generation V is open until Thursday night, if you want to enter. And I wrote a couple of posts that seem to be getting some attention: on audiobooks and auditory processing disorders, and how an over-reliance on tropes can lead to the illusion of character development. More writing than I've done in a while, and it felt good to get back into the swing of things. I'll probably write up another review tomorrow, too.

And since today is a rainy day, I expect to curl up in bed with a book, to keep the pain away and to keep myself happily entertained. I have a steady supply of these, and some apple green tea to drink, and comfy blankets to crawl under. I expect to finish Rick Yancey's The 5th Wave today, and then I should really get back to E J Swift's Osiris, even though there are now about 5 other books that I want to read instead. But I started Osiris and I really ought to finish it. It will make going to a different book that I'm more keen on reading even better, when I get to it!

Then again, maybe I should just move to another anyway, because if I look at Osiris that way, reading it might seem like more of a chore than an enjoyment, no matter how good the book is, and I'll resent reading it and ruin the experience. Eh, I guess I'll see when I finish The 5th Wave, anyway.
10 days to go until the surgery. If you're wondering whether or not I'm nervous... I so totally am. Not about the surgery itself (because even if that goes wrong, then all that happens is she removes my uterus entirely instead of just the tumour, and that's no bad thing because then the tumour can't grow back), but about the recovery. First I was told 4 weeks. Then 6 weeks. Then 6-8 weeks. Nobody's given me any sort of time frame in which I can expect to be doing or not doing certain things (am I going to end up pretty much in bed for a week? Am I going to be okay to take short walks after a few weeks? Am I going to feel mostly like ass for a month?), so what worries me the most is that I don't know what to expect when. And since I have a bad habit of feeling fine one day and so pushing myself too hard, I really don't want to do that when I have an incision in my belly. Nor do I want to take it too easy when moving around a little more would be better for me.

Still, not much I can do about that in the meantime, and I'll be sure to get more info from them before I leave the hospital anyway.

I've been taking the time to enjoy as much outdoorsy time as I can, now that the weather's nice. I've gone for walks almost every day, even if they're just short ones, and while my feet aren't thanking me much, I feel better having spent some time under the sun. It's nice even just to walk 5 minutes to the little park next to the old museum!

I'm of two minds whether to engage in a bit of a cooking spree next week. I fancy some fresh bread, and I know I have all the ingredients in to make it, but the trouble is that I don't know if I want to go through the hassle of baking it from scratch. Even if most of that hassle is just me sitting around and playing the waiting game while the dough rises and bakes and stuff. But mmm, the smell of bread baking is so tempting!

Also there's a cornmeal-rolled pork roast sitting in the freezer that's been begging me to cook it for a while. That, fortunately, can probably just go in the slow cooker and I won't have to do another thing to it until it's ready to be eaten, so that's no chore at all to prepare. That'll probably be done up next week, even if I don't bake bread.

Also kind of feeling the urge to do some sewing again lately. Might save that for the days following surgery in which I really don't want to get out of bed. I can just sit there and sew to my heart's content, and come away from it feeling like I at least did something productive that day. Maybe I'll come out of it with some stuff I can try to sell. My Etsy store's been closed for months, and I kind of feel bad that I've gotten so caught up in reading again that I haven't had any time for sewing. Even when I haven't been at work and have had the extra time!

Maybe I should stop level-grinding in Pokemon while I'm watching Fringe and instead try to sew or something while the episodes are on. Might work out a bit better, at least while I'm still getting the urge to do crafty stuff again.
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~ Haven't made too much progress with Hard Mode in Persona 3 Portable, because it's incredibly frustrating when I've spent half an hour level-grinding and then I get ambushed by things that cast Mudo on me and undo everything I just worked at doing. Yeah. At least I've made it far enough to have a more fleshed-out Persona lineup, instead of just having 3 things at my disposal. For a while I had nothing that coulf cast Zio, and that was ticking me off. Finally fused Omoikane, though, and now that element's covered nicely. Really should get back to playing, though; I was enjoying the challenge.

~ After my tax return came in, I decided to be a little bad and decided to buy myself a new video game. Of course, I only decided this after I had to stop by EB Games (downloading Meloetta for 3 Pokemon games) and found a copy of FFT for the PSP, and for only $9.99. I have the original version, and I know that some of the spell effects of the remake slow things down a bit, but I seem to be much more keen on handheld gaming than console gaming these days, and it was a good price. Plus I got to see an old friend who now works there, so it was a good thing all around.

~ In other video game news, I've started playing Diablo II again. Took such a long break that one of my characters had expired, so now I need to build him up again. I actually think I'm having better luck this time around, at least when it comes to item drops. Pretty happy about that!

~ Finished Gillian Philip's Firebrand and can't wait for the sequel. I wished the sequel was out as soon as I finished the first book, really, because I didn't want to put the story aside! Instead of lamenting that for too long, I just picked up A M dellamonica's Indigo Springs, and got to marvel over how much one of the characters was like a friend I used to have in high school. When this character is something of a diva who apparently ends up discovering that magic is real and goes on to create a cult and sets herself up as a goddess... Yeah, that ought to tell you a fair bit about this person. It's kind of uncomfortable to read, actually, because of the similarities these two have, at least in their personality.

~ Today's going to be a long day, and I'm not entirely looking forward to it. First, I have to wait to call my father because he's on the other side of the country and it's far too early to call him yet. But I need to call him before I go out because I need info from him so I can pick up money that he's sending to me via Western Union, so that I can buy the IUD I need for next Friday's procedure. Then once I've called him, I have to head to the hospital and get yet more blood drawn, to see if my iron levels have improved enough. Then it's off to Western Union to get the money. Then the pharmacy so that I can get the IUD. I expect to go out before noon and not get home until mid-afternoon, and ugh, that seems like such a long day! I know it really isn't, and that I shouldn't complain too much because I'm doing positive things that need doing, but long days still tire me out.

I suppose if I get too tired, it'll at least mean I should sleep well tonight. *knocks on wood*

I'll call him in a couple of hours; should be early for him but not so early that I'll feel really guilty about it.

~ Haven't been doing much cooking lately, and I really miss it. My roommate's been doing most of the cooking so that I can get as much rest as I can before the procedure and before I go back to work. Maybe next week I'll make something delicious. Not sure what yet, but I'll think of something. Maybe something in the slow cooker; that way it'll be easy and not require much work if I'm having an off day, but I'll still feel accomplished and it'll take some of the pressure off my roommate. Maybe I'll see if I have the stuff to make pulled pork sandwiches; they were delicious last time I made them!

~ Happily, the weather's warming up nicely. We still get flurries every once in a while, but it doesn't stay on the ground for longer than a day, and we're getting more rain as the days go on. It's nice to see the giant snowbanks start disappearing, and to be able to wait for the bus without bundling up and still feeling cold. If there's any blessing to having had so much time off work, it's that I missed the worst of the winter and will get to go back once spring's really started to get going.

~ Now that I'm finished my delicious mug of chai, I think I should go get myself a real breakfast so that going out doesn't wear me out more than it absolutely has to! Toast sounds good today!
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~ Spending a bit of today playing catch-up with some things that I've let lie for a bit. In particular, laundry and email. I have a bunch of email surveys to answer and blog posts to read, and I feel like using today a bit more obviously productively and washing some of the bedding. It's not dirty, exactly, but it could stand to be cleaner, and there's something wonderful about a freshly washed blanket.

~ Thanks to sleeping pills, I've managed to sleep better these past two nights than I have in a while, in no small part due to the fact that it lets me sleep through the pain of my legs. Stupid restless legs syndrome, combined with anemia, has pretty much resulted in pain bad enough at night to keep me from getting more than a few hours of broken sleep a night, and has left me with lingering soreness and weakness during the daytime. But the sleeping pills let me sleep through that, and now I have a good night of sleep and don't leave me in discomfort again the next day. It's such a relief!

~ I let one of my resolutions go, and I stopped playing Persona 1. Not because I was bored of it, or because I just couldn't wait to play P2. No no, this was because I wanted to play P3 again! Only this time, I decided to give myself a bit of a challenge. I usually play it on Normal difficulty, because, well, that's just what I'm used to. But this time, I started a game in Hard mode. And damn, does it ever live up to its name! The second enemy I fought, on the earliest floor of Tartarus, knew Mabufu and killed 2 of my 3 party members in a single hit. The first section's first mini-boss, the group of 3 Venus Eagles, took me 5 tries to beat, because each time they'd use Garu, it would take off slightly more than half of my health. Experience is slow in coming. This isn't going to be an easy journey, but I think that's just made me all the more determined to get better and win anyway!

~ Finished with Mazarkis Williams Knife Sworn, which was a great continuation of the story started in The Emperor's Knife I love the way Williams plays with concepts and adds so many complexities to a story without overloading everything. I was going to pick up Aimee Carter's the Goddess Inheritence next, but instead decided to go with Gillian Philip's Firebrand, which I'm already enjoying immensely. I can already tell that this is a series I'm going to want to continue with later on. I love coming across books where I can tell that, where I can see in the first 20 or so pages that I'm going to like reading this and that I'm going to crave more when the book comes to an end. As always, I'm so grateful that I get review copies of so many good books! I don't know what I'd do without them!

~ I'd almost forgotten just how good Itou Kanako's music was. I haven't listened to it in so long!

~ The area's under a snowstorm warning for this evening. 15-20 centimetres of snow, which is a fair amount but I wouldn't consider it something we need to be warned about. This is Canada, for crying out loud. And yes, it's March, but also Canada. Snow is now abnormal until around May, and heavy snow can be expected anywhere between November and April. Still, if the Weather Network wants to put us under a warning, who am I to say they shouldn't? Probably drives up retail sales when people think that there's a chance they might be stranded in their homes (only if it warms up enough to rain after that snow, then the temperature drops again very quickly and turns everything to ice).
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~ Yesterday, my copy of Persona 2 arrived. I'm not playing it yet, because I want to beat Persona 1 first, but at least it's here and I know I can play it whenever I like. (Best of all, the game didn't cost me a thing, since I bought it with the gift codes that I'd saved up from Swagbucks!)

~ I thought that a while ago, I had requested a review copy of the first volume of the Another manga. I hadn't. Turns out that what I'd requested was a copy of the first volume of the Another novel, which is even better! I was approved for it yesterday, and I'm about 33% done already. Having watched the anime first, it really helps with the imagery, since some descriptions in he novel are a little sparse.

~ Today's the day that Everquest 2 rewards its free players by opening up all classes and races, something which previously had to be paid for. I celebrated this by making a small anthropomorphic cat with black fur and ocelot markings, turning her into a Paladin, and setting her loose amongst fairies. I was tempted to make a dragon-man Bruiser, which is essentially like a Monk with better agility, but I figure I'll save that for later. Razriesh the cat-Paladin will more than suffice for now. :3 I kind of want to spend the rest of the day playing it, but I think I need to lie down for a little while instead of staying sitting up at the table.

~ It's raining today, so I don't have to feel bad about being too tired to go anywhere or do anything. I like listening to the rain on the windows; it always relaxes me.

~ Looking forward to a homemade chocolate-strawberry smoothie later! Yum!
Okay, I know I said I was going to make a real effort to stay positive and stuff, but the past 3 days have really pushed me to my limit, and right now I'm about ready to say to hell with the world, I'm-a bust out of this toothpick house and just curl up in a corner under a blanket and forget everything else exists.

Thursday )

Friday )

Today )

So one way or the other, I think I'm staying home to nurse my anemia and to recover in comfort. Maybe catch up on some reading. There are worse ways to wait out a blizzard when you're sick, after all.
Holy crap, it's cold out there today. Single digits temperature now. Definitely one of those mornings where it's far more appealing to just curl back up under the covers rather than get up and start going about your day. I just hope they remember to adjust the temperature at work so that it's not freezing cold in there all day.

Of course, we're into that time of year where even though the nights and mornings are quite chilly, the days can sometimes still be very comfortable and warm, so there might not be much of a need for that.

Last night I started cutting some fabric to make holiday-themed quilted coasters. Plenty of sewing ahead of me for that, but they're small projects, which means they'll get finished fairly quickly and it'll feel like I've accomplished more than I really have. Sometimes I need projects like that to get myself motivated for bigger projects.

I'll probably keep one set for myself and then sell the others to see if I can get a little more money for holiday gifts this year. I like making as many gifts as I can, but when I can't, I always try to buy from local or small businesses. This year, that will probably mean buying from Etsy stores with the money that's in my PayPal account, so even if the businesses aren't local, I'm still doing my part to help out other small business owners around the world.

Started watching the second season on Community last night. The first few episodes were rather dull and over-the-top with their storyline and acting, but things seemed to settle down a bit as they went on. There are still a lot of things that bug me about the show, but I can enjoy watching it, and it's nice that Netflix has some new episodes.

Which I should probable go and watch a couple of before I have to leave for my shift. Grab myself some breakfast (honey Shreddies, yum!), sit down with some more fabric to cut up, and enjoy a mindless hour and a half before I have to drag my butt off the couch and go to a job I'd really rather not go to.

(I just have to keep remembering that I'm slowly working toward making my life better and being able to get away from that job. On days when it really gets me down, I have to remember to keep telling myself that it's really only temporary, and that I can get through it.)
It's a very chilly morning. After the alarm went off, I immediately hit the snooze button and pulled a second blanket over myself before falling back into a comfortable doze. As much as I don't like cold weather, I do enjoy chilly weather, and all the good things that come with it. I like being able to drink tea or hot chocolate without overheating. I like the refreshing feeling that the air has. I like being able to grab and extra blanket and snuggle under it and enjoy the weight and warmth. I don't like knowing that my lungs will soon be extra-twitchy or that I'm going to have to worry about my crummy ankles on the ice of streets that never seem to get plowed, but for now, in the early autumn, I love it.

Of course, I'm not particularly fond of the pain that seems to be coming along with the weather change. Last June I broke the index finger of my right hand in a rather special way. Opening a door, I managed to get it caught and wrench it to the side, which had the effect of snapping off a splinter of bone and having the tendon actually hold that sliver away from the main part of the bone. A month in a cast, physio, and a warning that I will probably have arthritis in that finger's joints for the rest of my life.

They weren't kidding! It seems the only time that it doesn't really ache is during the late spring and summer, and even then only when I don't overuse it.

But people get by every day with arthritis in more than one joint, and with worse pain than this, so while I may grumble, I don't try to make a big debilitating deal out of it.

In better news, I got approached by author Michael Sullivan yesterday and was given e-copies of his Riyria Revelations books. Considering I've been half lusting after these novels for the better part of a year now, this was a serious highlight to my day, and I am so thrilled right now! I haven't started the first one yet (that comes after I've finished either Wild Seed or Owlsight, whichever comes first), but I've heard nothing but good about these books, and having copies of them gives me bookgasms.

Kind of wish I could spend the whole day curled up with books, honestly, but sadly, that's not to be.

Nervous about next Tuesday. That's when I have my pelvic ultrasound, to see if they can find a cause for all the craziness that's been going on with my period. Whatever they find, I hope it's something that can be treated easily. But what's really got me nervous is the chance that maybe they can't. Not that it's something terrible and incurable, but that it'll involve me taking more time off work, and I can neither afford that nor do I want to have arguments with them again about another leave of absense. But I'll just have to wait and see, and hope it doesn't come to that. PCOS would explain just about everything, so that's what my money's on, but waiting and worrying isn't exactly making it easier.

Happy thoughts. Time to go read a little before heading off to work!

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