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I'm trying to wake up earlier before work, so that I have a few more hours in the day to get things done. Well, it feels like a few more hours, anyway. When you take into account that to get up earlier I have to go to bed earlier, it about balances out. But it feels like I have a bit more to my day, and so I feel like I should be using that time productively.

So, with my morning mug of tea beside me, I'm taking the chance to catch up on a couple of book reviews that needed to be written, because once again I fell behind. I also want to go through my Japanese books and start figuring out a lesson plan, because as much as I say I keep meaning to study it more, I don't actually do much to make sure that I will. Little bits here and there help, but they're not going to get me where I want to be when I want to be there, so I need something more structured.

I miss school, and both in fall and in spring I start to feel really nostalgic for it, and tell myself every year, "That's it, I'm going to give myself some lessons to keep me amused." And I never follow through on it until long after that feeling has passed. And so I never get anything done. I want to stop being such a procrastinator. Hence, lesson plans.

I'm lso taking the chance to sing along to my playlist, because my lungs have felt like they're not reacting very well to the change in temperature lately, and I want to make sure they're as strong as they can be before the really cold weather sets in. If I sing, it stretches them and gets them working more, and it makes it generally easier for me to breathe.

I also found some more information about work's new "brilliant" health insurance scheme. Turns out that we get 80% drug coverage if we go through the mail-order malarchy. 60% coverage if we choose to just do things the way we always have and go to the pharmacies in the city. However, I'm not 100% sure of how above-board this whole thing is (obviously, but even moreso now), because to get the better coverage, you need a credit card, so that the dispensing company can charge the remainder.

Not everyone has a credit card. And I'm not sure that a company can legitimately offer lesser coverage like that when some employees don't have a choice. It would be one thing to choose the lower coverage because you don't want to go through the BS mail order system, but there are people who don't want or can't get credit cards, and they're being forced into lesser coverage now. I want to check on the legalities of that. Because unless work is going to spring for credit cards for all its employees now, doing it the way they're trying to do now might actually not be something they're allowed to do.

The problem is finding out how I can even find out about that. :/ I can't imagine that Google search is going to be an easy one, and I have no idea if any government agencies or the local Labour Board would even deal with such issues. But I'll try, because not only do I not want to get screwed over, I don't want my coworkers to get screwed over either.

I'm so tired of working for companies that keep pulling out skeezy policies and doing things that are either borderline illegal or blatantly illegal. Honestly, either every single company is full of utter abusive BS, or I just have an uncanny ability to find the corrupt ones and get employed by them.

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