Yesterday at work was pretty good. It was a training day, so everyone was in and we took no calls. We spent the whole time watching vendor videos and having Q&A sessions with a few of said vendors. Prizes were given, lunch was provided for us all, and we all got tote bags of goodies from some of the vendors, so I certainly came away with more than I started with.

Including the memory of watching this video for Mandarin Oriental hotels, which is the most interesting piece of surreal art I've ever witnessed. I wondered at first how images of a man swimming through a pool full of apples or a woman dancing the flamenco for a room full of well-dressed mannequins is supposed to help sell hotel rooms, but to be honest, I kind of want to go to one of those hotels even more now because of that commercial, so I suppose it worked the way it was supposed to.

Then home for some fried chicken and episodes of Bones.

Today, I wake up to a message from my father telling me that he bought me one of these. Sterling silver finger claws. Ignore the fact that they're listed for abrasion play - not that I'm against that (it's definitely a personal kink in what I read) - I just have wanted finger claws for years. I posted about them on Facebook, and then my father sends me a message a few days later to tell me he's bought me one.


Bundle of condradictions. Presents from my parents over the past couple of days have consisted of a magazine devoted to historical needlework, and something advertised as for use in kinky sex play. Hey, I never said I was easy to define.

Went out and got almost all of my holiday shopping finished, too, which is a weight off my mind. Just one more gift to get, and of course it would be for someone who's impossible to shop for because he never actually tells anyone what he wants, and doesn't have too many hobbies. I'm more than half tempted to get him a restaurant gift card, because that I know he'll use. The only trouble is figuring out which restaurant...

Signed up for a writing challenge for next year, which I'm hoping will not only give me motivation to write more but also might give me a great excuse to get back into various fandoms. I miss being involved in fandoms, even if they were relatively small ones and I tended to ship unconventional pairings. Seriously, find me someone who even knows who Kain and Yuji are in the Digimon universe and I'll bake you cookies. And send them to you. Seriously, I will.

And let's not even touch the fact that I still think I'm the only person in the world who ships Alberich and Skif, from the Heralds of Valdemar series. Or Bizarro-World Oz and Larry, from BtVS.

But all fandom babble aside, I think it's time to get offline and go play some more FFV. I've got the whole afternoon ahead of me, plenty of tea, some gyoza in the fridge (just waiting to be heated if I'm hungry), and I want to enjoy my day off before going back to work tomorrow.

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