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Still jobless. This isn't a surprise; it's only been a week, and even if I'd been lucky enough to get an interview anywhere last week, the turnaround time for jobs, in my experience, is 2-3 weeks from the time of application, if you get anywhere at all.

So I still have plenty of time on my hands at the moment.

I've been cooking more, which is good for me, since it gives me something to do that makes me feel accomplished, and lets me try out potentially tasty new recipes at the same time. I found a recipe for udon made from scratch, actually making the noodles by hand instead of using pre-made ones, and as soon as I can figure out what kind of soup I want to put them in, I'm going to make some for supper, probably later this week. Considering the noodles themselves consist of flour (I have plenty), water (definitely have plenty) and salt (not as much as the others, but still a lot), I can make a lot of tasty meals really cheaply that way. A definite bonus when money is an issue.

And now the window in the kitchen opens, so I can make soup and bread without dying of the heat that having the stove and oven on generates! This makes me very happy, and comes at a good time, since turkeys are currently $1.99 a pound at a nearby grocery store. If I get a $15 turkey, that's a meal or two with roast turkey and vegetables, plenty of leftover meat if I want to make sausage or stuffed turkey buns or any number of things that don't take too much meat, plus the bones and leftover meat also makes a delcious soup. If I buy carrots and potatoes, I can easily stretch $20 of food into a week's worth of meals, using a few others things that I have in to supplement (mostly spices, flour, and water, so I don't tend to count those things in the overall cost of the food I make).

Turkey omelettes are also delicious, and I need to use up the eggs that are in the fridge before they're good for nothing but hard-boiling.

Making slow but good progress in Persona 3 Portable. I abandonned Hard Mode because it was frustrating me too much and the repeated dying I was doing prevented me from doing any decent level-grinding or plot advancement. They're not kidding when they call it Hard Mode! I'll give it another try eventually, but I want to play through more of the game without tearing my hair out. Right now I'm just past the part where Fuuka joins SEES, so now I've got Mitsuru to train in Tartarus, while I try to get enough money together to get everyone's equipment up to snuff. There's not much left that I need to buy, but I like having everyone in top condition as soon as I can.

More specifically, I like being in better-than-top condition; I always overlevel in games if I have the chance, because I'm one of those people who enjoys level-grinding. Always been a little bit weird that way.

Celebrated my birthday on Saturday, which didn't go over as planned but it was still fun. The ice cream cupcakes I was going to buy didn't work out since the store's freezer was broken so they just didn't have any. Then the debit machine was wonky at the second store I went to when I decided, "Fuck it, I still want ice cream, so I'm getting some pumpkin cheesecake frozen yogurt from Yeh!" But I still had a great day, ate a delicious meal at Boaz (and got hooked on edamame), spent time with friends, had delicious strawberry-custard layer cake, bought some tea bags that are specifically designed to make ice tea (the tropical sangria one is delicious, and I haven't yet tried the strawberry basil) and overall had a good time turning 30. There are worse ways to spend a birthday, that's for sure!

Today, though, I'll be spending most of the day off line, since there's a high possibility of thundershowers this afternoon and I don't like using my computer then. A holdover from the desktop days, I suspect, since I can just unplug my laptop from the wall and still have it function perfectly and not worry about the power going out or power surges or anything of the sort. It's just habit.

And since the next 2 weeks are largely free of responsibility (at least work-related responsibility), I've challenged myself to a readathon! I'm planning to read 6 books, finish a 7th that's been half finished for over a month now, and catch up on last month's and this month's Apex magazine. I'm about a third of the way through Julia Mary Gibson's Copper Magic right now, and enjoying it a hell of a lot! It's a quick read, not because it's so short (though it's under 400 pages, so 'short' is relative anyway), but because it's just so engaging. I can't help but keep pushing onward because I'm loving the story and the tone so much. Another one of those cases where I'm surprised that this is the author's debut novel; Gibson is definitely an author to keep an eye on, I'm thinking.

But now I shall vanish into the depths of my To Read pile and enjoy what's left of the merely semi-clouded sky before the rain really starts to roll in.
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Took me a few days to get the energy to make a post about this, but here I am, so let's go.

Originally, I was going to go uptown on Saturday, the day after my birthday, because that was when we both had time free. But my roommate got done with classes early on Friday, and due to the nasty weather that was due to hit us on Saturday, we figured it was better to go earlier than planned, to avoid badness and maximize goodness.

So uptown we went, to Cora's, where we had a delicious lunch. Ham-and-swiss omelette for me, with potatoes and toast, and a peach smoothie. Very yum, and that's one of my favourite meals at Cora's, so that made me very happy. And sitting down for long enough to eat a meal also helped me recover a bit from the bumpy bus ride there. I'm still low on energy and I still hurt a fair bit, so as much as I can technically handle bus rides, they still wear me out and cause me pain.

We also stopped by Coles, and found that they had a Buy 3 Get 1 Free sale on just about everything in the store. So my roommate got 3 books she was looking for, and I got 1 (Terry Pratchett and and Stephen Baxter's The Long Earth in paperback. Very happy, because I've heard good things about that book. And 2 of the books that my roommate got are also books that I want to read, so that was a bonus for me. :p

We split up then so that she could pick me up a couple of bags of those raspberry cheesecake candies that I mentioned in my last entry, and I headed to an awesome small bakery in City Market to get some baked goods. I didn't want a full-size birthday cake, because I figured it would end up being more than we could both eat before it went stale, so instead I got a couple of small things each. I ended up with an apple dumpling and a lobster tail (pastry filled with cream), and she got a caramel crepe and a cannoli. Expensive, but so worth it!

After that, there was enough time before the bus home and I had enough money left to make a stop at a nearby tea room, and I bought myself a bag of White Swiss Truffle tea, which is an amazing blend that has a lovely chocolate-mint flavour running through it. I discovered that they also had a new blend made by combining that with peppermint, called Peppermint Patty, and I was curious about it but decided to stick with the White Swiss Truffle. Maybe next time I go there for a cup I'll try the new stuff, because there are very few of their blends that I dislike. And that has more to do with personal taste than them making a bad blend. I love that place, and I wish I could go there more often. They serve good tea and food, and don't mind if you sit there for hours with a book or writing or just chatting. I've been a patron of that place since it opened, and will be so until it closes.

After that, I was in a lot of pain and getting really worn out, definitely reaching the end of my strength, so I was happy to go and wait for the bus. By the time I got home, my face was red, I was sweating badly, and my slow pace was slowed even further because it hurt to move. I was damn glad to see my bed, that's for sure!

But even though there was pain involved, I had a good day. Honestly, I think I'd be happy if all my birthdays were spent like that. A good meal, some tasty treats, a new book, and I also got a video game ($8 for a virtual copy of Ogre Battle that I can play on the Wii) and a print from a photographer I really like. It was wonderful!

Of course, I paid for my excursion the next day, and the fact that there was heavy rain didn't help matters. I woke up at 6 AM in too much pain to go back to sleep, and spent the entire day on the couch, except for the time I went back to bed for a nap. Painkillers galore, and it hurt every time I even shifted my position on the couch. Unfun.

I feel better today, though I'm still in pain, and plan to spend the day taking it easy again. Maybe get some more reading done (I finished rereading the fourth Harry Potter book last night) and watch some TV, or maybe see if I feel up to playing a video game or something. Relaxing and easy stuff that doesn't involve too much movement or brainpower.

And tomorrow, I should be getting back to writing reviews, because Bibliotropic has been quiet of late, and I think I'm finally strong enough to not only sit up to write for decent periods of time, but also able to keep my thoughts together enough to tell people coherently what I thought of a book. It actually took longer to reach that point than it did to sit at my computer for an hour. Kind of sad, that. But I blame the fact that I'm still healing from the surgery, coupled with anemia that's pretty much as bad as it's ever been because my doctor's still an idiot.

And oh, Adam Lambert, your music makes me feel good no matter what mood I'm in. :3 I wonder if I have strong enough lungs to start singing along again...
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I'm 29 today. Not 19, as I first typoed. That would have been impressive. "I got a time machine as my birthday present and decided to redo my 20s!"

Not doing much for my birthday, partly because there isn't much to do and partly because I can't do much anyway. Tomorrow I'm going uptown with a friend for a birthday breakfast, though, and I'm looking forward to that! I'll probably pick up some more little bags of candy while I'm there (I have a not-so-small addiction to Allan's raspberry cheesecake Dessert Bites and these raspberry and blackberry gummy candies).

I am, however, running a giveaway on my book review blog to celebrate my birthday. It's for a signed copy of M L Brennan's Generation V, so if that interests you, please drop by and enter. Open to residents of North America, and unlike many blogs, I don't require you to follow me in order to have your chance at the prize.

So likely today will involve me playing some more Ragnarok 2 while I drink my morning tea, and then curling up in bed to devour some more books. I rather like spending my birthday doing enjoyable and relaxing things, rather than making a big deal out of it and going out and doing all sorts of things, even when I am more capable of doing so. It may not be the most exciting things, but it does make me happy.

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