First off, I'd like to thank the awesome anonymous person who paid for another month of paid time here on DW. I suspect I know who did it, but I think they want to remain anonymous, and I'll respect that. But thank you, never the less! :-D

Back on the cyklo to stop myself from bleeding so heavily. Honestly, my body got about a week where it wasn't bleeding. Maybe a week and a half. Is it even possible to bleed so heavily after such a short period of time?

I suppose my question's being answered as we speak...

Dr. S told me to call her if I started to bleed very heavily again, and she'd rush the surgery date, but in all honesty, I can't do that. For one thing, I don't even have the initial surgery date yet, something which she told me I ought to have the same day I last saw her. It's been a week; no call from her office about when I'm supposed to come back. Secondly, I can't afford it. I have to pay for that $400 piece of equipment they'll be putting in me, and I have to show up at the surgery with it in hand, so it's not like they can just bill me later or something. I haven't been back to work yet (I go back on Friday), and I definitely haven't received any money in weeks, so if she rushes the date, I won't be able to afford it all.

All I can do at the moment is wait. I have plenty of cyklo from when that doctor at the hospital called the prescription to the pharmacy for me, so I shouldn't be too bad off, and I'll continue taking iron pills so that my hemoglobin doesn't dip too low again.

Which reminds me, I need to make an appointment for blood tests soon, too. :/ I hope I can do that on a day when I don't have to go to work. I know it'll only be 2 vials they'll take from me, but given how my energy level has been due to blood problems, I don't want to be anything less than my best when I go for my shift. I already know I'm going to be slow when I go back, and I know they're not going to like that. :/

In happier news, I finished Rachel Hartman's Seraphina (interesting YA fantasy novels, and I can see why it was nominated for awards), and started in on Mercedes Lackey's Redoubt. Once I finish this book, I'll have read all the Valdemar novels. Every last one. I feel pretty proud of that, actually, given how many there are!

I also watched all of the Persona 4 anime in a couple of days, and have made a good start on Persona: Trinity Soul. I can see why Trinity Soul isn't considered canon. It's a good story, but it seems to me like someone came up with the idea, and then a bunch of other people said, "Know what's popular? That Persona thing. Let's slap that name on it so that more people watch it." I keep expecting people's Personas to look like mythological figures. To act like Personas have in games. To be explained as things that give you strength to get through life and all its challenges. So far the best explanation for them is that they're guardian spirits, and they look more like spiritual mechs than anything else.

So yeah, can definitely see why it's not considered canon to the series.

Turkey for supper tonight. Utility turkeys were on sale really cheap at a nearby grocery store, for only a little over $1 per pound. The cheapest one there was just over 5 kg and cost a little over $15, which will end up making a lot of meals! Roast turkey with vegetables, leftover turkey sandwiches, turkey soup or stew. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!
  • I saw my mother off at the airport today. She's returning to England. It was a sad moment, lots of tears, but I firmly believe that she's making the right decision for herself. She's got more family back there, more friends, more government support, and just as much chance of getting a job there as here. I support her decision. But it's weird to realize that at this very moment, she's over international waters, not even in the same country as me anymore. You'd think I'd be used to that, after all the time she spent in the States with my father, but that wasn't quite the same. It's a bit of a heavy feeling. I'll adjust in time, of course, but for the moment, it's still sinking in that I won't just be able to call her tomorrow and go out for tea if I want.

  • I decided against selling at the ren faire this year. I didn't give myself enough time to get stock together, and by the end, when it came to crunch time I just had too much stress on my shoulders to keep going. So I cancelled my table there. I still went to look around, and had a good time. I watched a wonderful belly dancing display, bought some polished stones, and some delicious strawberry-chocolate-mint homemade jam. I'm going to try harder to make things through this coming year so that I can have a table there next year instead.

  • I've started watching Juuni Kokki again. It's just as addictive as I remember it, and I have no idea why I never finished watching it the first time around. Also, after all this time, I still ship Enki/En-ou. I really wish that more of the novels were published in English, too, so that I could read them.

  • Catching up with my reading. I've just started Gwenda Bond's Blackwood, which I'm hoping will pick up soon, because with few exceptions, it seems like a standard YA supernatural novel at the moment. Admittedly, I'm not very far into it, so I'll give it a chance. Still have to write up reviews for Martha Wells's The Serpent Sea and Catherynne M Valente's The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, which might just win some sort of award for the longest book titles in recent years.

  • I think I might spend some time this weekend making some more paper beads and bracelets. I had inspiration for a different style of bracelet than the ones I normally make, and I want to give them a try and see if they'll work out as well as I think they will. Also, I have a lot of paper strips cut for beads, and more magazine pages than that waiting to be cut into strips, so I really ought to make some better use of them. It'll give me a little break from sewing so much, too.

  • Speaking of crafts, I do have a whole bunch of embroidered bookmarks that I need to put a backing on. I made about 30 for the ren faire, but as I previously mentioned, didn't actually sell anything there. So now I've got a bunch of bookmarks sitting around. I'll probably list them in my Etsy store in a day or so, since there's been some people interested in them.

  • Been feeling the urge to do some fiction writing again. A friend and I have talked idly about giving each other writing challenges, the way we used to years ago. I hope something will come of it. I really miss having so much inspiration to write, having my fingers dance across the keyboard and having stories flow from my mind onto the screen. Hmm, probably should also go back and rework some older things that I wrote, too...
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