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Aaaaand I haven't updated it since shortly before I left for the Queen + Adam Lambert concert. Last June. Yeesh, that's been a long time.

I can't even say I've been too busy, or that nothing's been going on. No, stuff has been going on. I worked for a major airline for a while. I moved to another province. I'm still doing the whole "book reviews" thing. It all keeps me busy. I have plenty of time in which to write here.

I just... forgot to. I guess.

And it may well be another year before I do another update, for all I know. I'm not that interesting a person. If someone asked me what I do, I could tell them, "I read books. I play video games. Sleep. Uh... cook stuff. Fail to lose weight. The usual." 2 of those things can be read about elsewhere, and the rest isn't enough to really fill a blog with when I know that just about nobody reads this, and the few people who may read it also follow me on Facebook, where I'm far more active.

I just miss the days of personal blogging, I guess. It used to be so much fun. I met some of my best friends through personal blogging.

Maybe I just need to become more interesting.
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