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So I find out last night that Adam Lambert's doing a concert tour with Queen this summer. And that there are a few cities in Canada that they'll be hitting.

Suddenly my world focus narrows to OH MY FUCK I MUST GET TICKETS!

I won't be able to get tickets. I can barely afford rent, let alone splurge on what will undoubtedly be expensive concert tickets, plus a place to stay, and a way to travel there, and since it's likely that R won't be back this summer, someone to drop by and feed the cats while I'm gone. This is a trip that would likely cost me as much as a month's rent, and there's no way I could get that kind of money by the time tickets are on sale.

Damn shame. But hey, it won't stop me from having little daydreams about it, because seriously, that man's music has done a lot for me since I discovered it, it's gotten me through some bad times without breaking down completely, and one of the things that's I very much want to do is to see him in concert even just once.

Daydreams it is. Maybe people will be kind and upload videos to YouTube so that I can at least see bits of the concerts even though I won't be there in person.

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